French Style Dining Chairs & Accessories for Your Dining Room

The French have always been leaders of fashion and style trends – dining room furniture is no exception. A chic and stylish celebration of the old and new which never goes out of fashion and is widely used right across the world. Dining chairs and tables inspired by French designs offer the beauty and elegance of traditional French furniture in both modern and traditional forms, adding a sophisticated edge to your dining room.

Chelsea French dining chair

Dining chairs are an essential piece of furniture, no dining room is complete without its chairs after all. When coupled with the table, the dining set becomes the focal point of any dining room, providing a commanding presence. It is also highly functional, serving as a bonding place for families and friends alike and because of its importance, it never goes out of fashion.

President dining chair

French style dining chairs look fantastic regardless of the size of your dining room. For smaller spaces, opt for round tables with a maximum of four chairs, larger spaces will be able to comfortably house rectangular or oval tables with six to eight dining chairs. There are numerous French style dining chairs available on the market, however for optimum comfort it is advisable to choose contemporary pieces rather than vintage or antique as comfort is usually a key feature in the design of newer chairs.

French style dining chairs

Modern French style dining chairs can also be successfully married with other décor styles in the dining room, both contemporary and antique creating a fusion of eras in one luxurious, but welcoming and comfortable space.

Achieving That Chic Feel

Your French style dining chairs can be complimented by a wide variety of accessories and other interior furnishings:

A Simple Palette

Keep walls painted in a light tone, preferably white as this will maximise the amount of light. Stay away from bright and bold colours opting for a simpler colour scheme with muted softer tones. Subtle hints of brighter colour can be introduced through accessories, upholstered dining chairs, or works of art.


Mixing both modern and classical furniture, accessories and works of art are one of the most interesting features of the French style home. This also applies to textures – rough next to smooth, cool next to warm.


French chandelier

A touch of lavishness will be found in most interiors, think oversized gilded mirrors, or vintage/antique chandeliers to give your ceiling a traditional look. Decorative moulded or coved ceilings also make a beautiful feature in the French style dining room, intricate wooden carvings and a polished hardwood table can be introduced for that Parisian feel. A beautiful wooden floor can be admired uncovered, but adding a rug or two can bring added warmth and comfort, taking the chill off a bare wooden floor and providing depth in contrast to the stark lighter walls.

Dramatic drapery adds a romantic element – traditionally silk drapes have been used, these cascade onto the floor and billow in the open breeze from the window.

French drapes


The French have played a key role in the history of art over the centuries which has continued into modern day – this is very much reflected in the home, where works of art are proudly displayed in the living and dining room.


If a French style isn’t for you, discover how to choose dining chairs for your home.

How To Choose Dining Chairs for Your Home

The dining table is the main location for socialising in the home, from long lazy Sunday breakfasts to extended dinner parties, it is the place where family and friends unite together.

Traditionally dining tables and chairs were bought as matching sets. Today’s market however, is open to endless style combinations. Mix and match is by far more interesting, than the conventional matching set, but also involves more thought and consideration to put together.

mix and match dining chairs

So before rushing into making a purchase, it is important to consider the following points when choosing a dining chair for your home.


It is essential that your dining room chairs fit comfortably around the table, the height and width should be measured. The average chair needs approximately 6 inches of space at either side, to allow diners to move freely in their chairs. Restricted space around the dining table may cause your guests to knock elbows and feel cramped.

Narrow chairs tend not to be comfortable to sit in for long periods of time, whereas fewer wider chairs can fit around the table. Dining chairs also need to have enough space behind them to allow guests to freely push their seats back without bumping into other furniture or a wall. Finding the right balance between size and aesthetics is key to a pleasant dining experience.

dining room

Table Sizes

Round or square tables usually fit either 4, 6 or 8 diners, whereas rectangular or oval tables seat 6, 8, or 10 diners.

Measurement tips

  • Always measure your chair at its widest point
  • Anything narrower than 17 inches will be uncomfortable for long periods
  • Most tables are 30 inches tall or more
  • The average dining chair height is 18 inches and the average width is 22 inches
  • Allow approximately 12 inches from the chair’s seat to the top of the table
  • Allow for at least 38 inches between the chair and any other walls or furnishings
  • Chairs with arms require additional space

Style and Design

Having established the approximate dimensions of the chairs needed, you will now be in position to choose the style and design.

Regardless of whether you choose matching or non-matching, there should be a common design element linking the chairs to the table – whether it be the material or the form and lines of the furniture.

upholstered chairs around a glass table

A traditional hardwood polished table will not suit ultra-contemporary plastic chairs for example, and mixing different types of bare wood does not usually work either. Having said that, there is much successful matching to be done, especially when it comes to fabric upholstered dining chairs where the combinations of colour and prints are endless.

Dining chairs can help form the style and the mood of your home décor, whether the look you are trying to achieve is traditional country rustic or modern clean lines.

High Backed Dining Chairs

  • Create a more formal and traditional dining experience
  • Well suited to large spaces, where smaller chairs are swallowed by the space
  • Take up more space visually

Low Backed Dining Chairs

  • Provide less formal, more relaxed dining
  • Good for smaller spaces
  • Preferable for houses with young children


Chairs with armrests ultimately provide more comfort, the disadvantage however, is that they also take up more space, this can be a great disadvantage when is stops diners from moving around feely.


Consider how much you and your guests will be using your dining chairs. Choosing upholstery fabric with armrests, provided you have the space, will inevitably offer greater comfort.

Different Material Options

  • Upholstery fabric
  • Synthetic blends
  • Wool
  • Leather
  • Cotton
  • Crushed velvet
  • Wood
  • Rattan
  • Metal
  • Plastic

The material you choose and whether or not you opt for upholstered dining chairs really comes down to personal style, taste and life style preferences. Wooden chairs provide a more rustic feel; rattan a more tropical look.

Upholstered chairs speak comfort and luxuriousness, and depending on the colour and print, can offer anything from a classic traditional look, to the modern and contemporary in bright bold patterns. Most upholstered dining chairs have wooden legs in a variety of different finishes, this is also worth taking into consideration when choosing your dining chair combination.

Metal and plastic chairs are often modern and minimalistic, working well in urban dining areas which offer limited space.


Portability is an important factor, heavy clunky chairs may be comfortable to sit in, but are awkward to pull to and from the dining room table, especially for children, the elderly and pregnant ladies. High back chairs with solid upholstered backs can be less easy to get a grip on and move around, whereas chairs with a slatted back are generally easier to manoeuvre.


What sort of household do you live in? The furniture of a busy household with young children and pets will endure more wear and tear, therefore light colours and delicate designs will not be appropriate –  opt for darker colours or patterns to mask stains in materials which can be wiped down or easily cleaned instead.

array of coutry dining chairs


Do the chairs feel sturdy? Independently of the price tag, the chairs should feel stable and not wobble – a robust chair will last longer. A high-quality chair should be well manufactured using only the best materials.

Look underneath the chair to check how well it’s been constructed, taking into consideration the joints and any fixtures. Fabric upholstery should have stain, piling and fade resistant qualities, be easy to clean and maintain and of course be fire retardant. All superior quality chairs should also come with a warranty.


If you require help choosing dining chairs, or if you need design advice, contact The Chair People.

High-Backed Armchairs Are Stunning Feature Chairs

A high-backed armchair makes a stunning feature piece with a commanding presence in any room. It works well as a standalone piece, complimenting the other furniture in your room without needing to match it. The height of the chair’s back offers comfort and support as well as a more secluded space to unwind in after a long day, making it a highly functional, yet distinguished piece.

Knightsbridge high back armchair

Choosing Your Ideal High-Backed Armchairs


What sets this style of chair apart from other armchairs is the high back – adding an air of authority and a somewhat regal feel, whilst providing a comfortable and sturdy chair. Having considered the overall décor of your home, it is important to choose a chair which reflects your personality and individual style.

interior style chair


The upholstery fabric is one of the key features in defining the style of chair, there is a vast selection of different upholstery options available on the market today, with something to suit every taste. Rustic brown leathers or wool tartans will establish a more traditional tone, or for a more contemporary look, opt for bright and vibrant colours to create a fresh and fun feel.


The size of your high-backed armchair is important, it must fit seamlessly into the provided space – a smaller model chair in a large space will be swallowed up, whereas a larger model chair in a small space will look awkward and cramped.

Colourful fabric on the Knightsbridge

Durability and Function

A high-backed armchair is an investment piece and should be built to last. Choosing the lower end of the price range is not necessarily the most economical option in the long run. When choosing your model, consider its intended use and the type of home it is destined for – is it a busy household with young children and pets? Will your chair be heavily used as an everyday reading chair or for watching TV? Or will it be reserved as a feature piece in a quiet home? In the case of the latter, you can afford to choose something more textured in a light colour.

armchair in living room

Posture and Comfort

The high-backed chair not only supports your lower back but also the rest of your back encouraging good posture, making this style of chair comfortable and supportive for longer periods of time sitting. Good posture not only helps to prevent pain related back problems, it can also help improve any digestive related problems as well as offering psychological benefits such as improved concentration.

bedroom armchair


This versatile piece of furniture doesn’t need to be confined to the living room; it can be used in the dining room, bedroom, dressing room or hallway. For our full range of bedroom chairs, click here.

Choosing The Perfect Breakfast Bar Chairs

The kitchen is more often than not the most heavily used room in the house, a place where everybody congregates and comes together.

Stylish, versatile and most of all functional, breakfast bars make a wonderful addition to any kitchen offering a compact and convenient solution for everyday life. Breakfast bar chairs are perhaps the most useful piece of furniture one could ever buy for their home.

Choosing your breakfast bar chairs is not as straightforward as it may seem, with thousands of bar chairs on the market available in a multitude of different shapes and styles.

Choosing your Breakfast Bar Chairs

Key Considerations

The surrounding décor and style of the breakfast bar should be a key consideration when choosing your seating.

  • Size
  • Material
  • Style
  • Comfort

wide open kitchen


What is the size of the kitchen and the breakfast bar? The larger the kitchen, the bigger you can go with the chairs. Chairs with backs and arms work well in larger spaces, but may emphasise the shortage of space in a smaller kitchen.

Choosing the correct height is also important, a general rule of thumb is to measure from the floor to the highest point of the breakfast bar. Then take approximately 20cm of the total measurement away, the remaining length provides a good indication of the appropriate height of the stool with enough space to sit comfortably, even when crossing your legs under the table.

How many stools will need to fit into the space is also worth carefully considering – there should be a gap of approximately 15cm between each seat to allow movement.

Type of Material Used

There is an enormous variety of different materials available for breakfast bar stools, from the more rustic traditional look to sleek contemporary designs, there is something to suit all different tastes.

wooden chairs


A classic choice creating a warm and rustic feel which works well in both modern and traditional spaces.

upholstered breakfast bar chairs


A choice of fabulous colours and patterns to contrast or compliment your pre-existing décor.  Choose from bright and bold fabrics, with stunning patterns or alternatively neutral tones.

metal chairs


For the ultra modern look, opt for highly polished chrome chairs.

moulded plastic stools

Moulded Plastic

Plastic is an excellent material for chairs – modern, low maintenance and available in a wide array of different colours and styles.

leather breakfast bar chair


An all time furniture classic, leather exudes high quality and sophistication. It also provides comfort and is exceptionally hard wearing.

wicker chairs


Natural wicker is usually associated with the rustic country look, it also works well in a more modern setting.

stylish bar chair


Purchase bar stools which will compliment your home’s colour scheme. A splash of bright colour in otherwise neutral surroundings, can create a real focal point for the room.

Different patterns and textures are an excellent way to add character to your room.

comfortable bar stools


Arm rests and a high back will make the stool more comfortable for longer periods of time, this is especially useful in open plan kitchen and living areas when receiving guests.

Further Uses for Your Stools

Having some form of extra seating in the home is always useful, whether it’s in the hallway, bathroom, bedroom or office. Depending on the type of stool, it can also double up as a table or plant stand.

Funky Dining Chairs To Brighten Up Your Dining Room

Introducing colour into our interior décor makes our homes not only interesting but also beautiful, creating visual excitement and fun as well as impressing our guests. The dining room is a special place in any home, bringing family and friends together around the table to eat and socialise –  dining room décor should look fantastic as well as reflecting your hospitality and individual style.

funky dining chairs

Choosing Bold Fabric

Many of us shy away from bringing bold fabrics into our homes, opting for a safe neutral palette. Bold fabric however, is surprisingly easy to work with. An injection of vibrant colour can bring that extra sparkle of life and personality.

Upholstered dining chairs provide the perfect opportunity to brighten up your dining room, discreet enough to blend in with the surrounding furnishings, but large enough to make a statement and bring a new lease of life to the room.

bold fabric chair

Successful Colour Schemes

The colour scheme will be the defining aspect of the dining room’s interior. Your choice should take into account the size of the space, natural light, the overall décor of the rest of the home and the style you wish to achieve. First and foremost, your upholstered dining chairs must tie in with the rest of the dining area.

For those really wishing to dazzle, a brightly coloured feature wall can be combined with the upholstered dining chairs. For example, a dramatic red feature wall can be matched to red upholstery – providing the remaining surroundings are neutral and décor is kept simple, the red will provide an impressive visual focal point.

Roxy dining chair

Or alternatively, opt for cool neutrals as a backdrop – this may be more appropriate where space is limited or too much bold colour will be overwhelming.

There are numerous different patterns and colour schemes available when choosing your fabric dining chairs.

stunning fabric close up

Keeping it Clean

The dining room should be a refined space, reserved for eating and entertaining. Filling it up with too many objects will overwhelm the space, making it appear cluttered and disorderly. Simple doesn’t mean plain –  an open, clean and spacious dining room will allow your funky dining chairs to really shine.

Mixing Styles Using Funky Dining Chairs

To liven up the dining space with some added variety, try using the design of chair with different fabric upholstery on each chair, allowing you to add different colours and textures. The style of the chair will provide unity, whilst the different fabrics will create visual interest.

An alternative option is the same fabric upholstery on different dining chairs – pairing upholstery is an effective way of marrying different-style chairs.

A bold statement chair can make a colourful addition to your dining room, a great option if you don’t want to replace your full set of dining room chairs.

Grey Dining Chairs for a Sophisticated Dining Room

The dining room is a multi-functional space where we eat and entertain our friends and family, some of us even choose to work at our dining room tables – therefore dining room décor should be carefully considered in order to create the ideal ambient. Dining room furnishings such as chairs and tables are an important part of this.

Upholstered dining chairs have become increasingly popular over the last few decades, this is largely due to the superior comfort and support they offer, but also their striking appearance. Available in thousands of different colour schemes and patterns, upholstered dining chairs are not only practical, but also serve as a key feature pieces for any dining room.

grey dining chairs dinner party

Grey is an incredibly versatile colour and a favourite in the world of interior design, it is available in numerous different shades ranging from pale and neutral to dark and bold, making it an excellent choice for upholstered dining chairs. It is also a fantastic alternative to white or cream, retaining that classic and neutral feel whilst masking blemishes considerably more. Whether you choose darker or lighter tones, your grey dining chairs won’t go out of fashion and will work well with the majority of surrounding interiors.

The Magic of Grey Dining Chairs

The colour grey itself in the most basic terms is described as black and white, however it incorporates a much wider scale palette with varying tones of blue, yellow, beige, rose and purple.

A sophisticated colour with a wealth of benefits making grey a wonderful choice for the dining room; whether it is used for the walls or the dining room furniture, each shade of grey brings with it, its own unique look and feel. Grey is the perfect back drop for most other colours, such as black, white, cream, blue or even bolder shades of pink, orange, purple, green, red and yellow.

Light Greys

For a light and airy look, opt for paler tones – providing you with a warm and calming effect and a neutral base to work with.

Medium Grey

Choose from either cooler blue tinged tones for a more formal look or warmer shades with a hint of yellow.

Darker Grey

Rich dark colours can add a definite edge to your dining room, as well as the practical benefit of a darker colour.

Glamorous Greys

Luxurious crushed grey velvet adds a distinct touch of elegance, sophistication and formality to the dining area – a wealth of tonal variation allows these upholstery fabrics to be incorporated into a wide range of different interiors.

Grey in Nature

When it comes to colour, most of our inspiration comes from the natural world. Grey is a naturally occurring colour which we are surrounded by, whether it’s in the sky, the animal kingdom, minerals (pebbles, stones and rocks), or other organic forms.

Slate grey is a popular shade, representing the fine grained metamorphic rock with varying tones of blue or green – it is available in both lighter and darker tones.

Charcoal is an extremely popular colour across multiple industries, charcoal is dark grey used to depict the colour of burnt wood.

Grey is even found in plants and fungus.

You can find stunning grey dining chairs to compliment your home in our design your own category.

Retro Dining Chairs – Styles & Colour Schemes

The term retro came into use in the 1970s – it refers to pieces which reflect or imitate characteristics of a style or fashion from the recent past. Retro style furniture has become increasingly popular over the years. It can be an original piece which may have had some restoration, or it may be a modern-day reproduction of a style from the past.

What’s the difference Between Antique, Vintage and Retro?


Items over 100 years old and admired for either their craftsmanship or beauty generally fall into the category of antiques. Antique items are usually found in museums and galleries and can be purchased from specific shops, auctions or private collectors.


Although the term vintage primarily refers to wine, describing the grapes picked during a particular season, it has become heavily associated with clothes, furniture and collectables. The label vintage is commonly used for items typically between 30 and 100 years old which demonstrate characteristics of a particular period in recent history.


Retro refers to the revival of any style from the recent past (20 years or more), a retro piece may be old or modern but will exhibit characteristics of a certain era. The terms retro and vintage are often used interchangeably.

retro sofa

A refurbished retro sofa

Why Buy Retro Dining Chairs?

Adding that retro look to your dining area is an excellent way of personalising a space and contributing to the general aesthetic appeal of your home. Retro pieces are often unique focal points which can be carefully chosen to tie in with your pre-existing décor. On today’s market there are thousands of different types of dining chairs to suit all styles of dining room, buying a retro style dining chair is a great way of giving your home an eye catching edge.

retro chair     Dandy chair

Retro Colour Schemes

Colour plays an all-important role in recreating that retro feel. Upholstered dining chairs in bright colours with vivacious patterns are an easy way to achieve a retro look – think bold, daring hues such as reds or oranges, geometrical patterns and forms reminiscent of the 60s and 70s.

retro dining chairs

milano curve

Choose a Decade

For those with a sense of adventure, why not choose your feature pieces around a particular decade? Upholstered dining chairs in a retro style, coupled with a few simple touches such as a retro style rug, wall art or cushion covers are all it takes to give your home that unique look!

retro cushions

Accent Chairs – Inspiration for Every Room

Also known as occasional chairs, feature chairs or even love seats, accent chairs are usually standalone pieces or bought as a pair to compliments a room’s décor. Used in this context, the word accent itself means to stress or emphasise and this is exactly what this chair should do! A well-placed accent chair can add personality as well as practicality to any home, and can be placed in the living room, the hallway, the bedroom or even the bathroom.

Accent Chair Inspiration Gallery

Dining room

accent chairs dining room

Living room

accent chairs living room


accent chairs hallway


accent chairs bedroom


accent chairs office

It maybe you’re hoping to add style to your home, create a reading corner or simply have extra seating for guests.

Choosing Your Ideal Accent Chair

An accent chair is an excellent way to add a new style reference, a different texture, to introduce a new colour, or even enhance an existing colour scheme in any room. It is important to coordinate the style, colour and texture to compliment your existing décor.

When shopping for an accent chair, it is advisable to choose something versatile which will have a possible place in more than one room – this way your stylish chair will not be limited to merely one room.

Accent chairs come in various styles, shapes and sizes – allowing you the chance to incorporate your own stylish flair into your home. They provide an excellent opportunity to showcase your personality and may become a focal point in any room.

Consider Its Use

What is the intended primary use of your accent chair?

  • Is it purely a unique showcase feature?
  • Do you need extra seating for guests?
  • Is it intended for a secluded reading spot?
  • A bedroom chair?
  • Feature in a large bathroom?

Consider Your Available Space

The chair needs to be in balance with the rest of the room, this should be a key factor when making your choice. It should go without saying, that a room with limited floor space should not have large and over powering furniture – a chair without arms or a compact tub chair would be ideal in this situation.

By contrast, a large room with an empty corner could benefit from the visual focus of a larger accent chair.

Different Types of Accent Chairs

Wing Back Chairs

One of the most popular choices of accent chairs – classic high back, winged sides and upholstered finish provide a touch of sophistication and comfort whilst protecting from any draughts in the room.

It makes an excellent counterpart to a sofa and is also frequently seen near the fireplace – the wing back was in fact, originally designed to provide warmth. Depending on the choice of fabric and texture, the wing back chair can be a bright and bold feature, or more formal and subtle.

wing back chairs

Tub Chairs


The perfect chair for curling up with a book or for taking a nap in. Functional and attractive, tub chairs are similar in appearance to club chairs and generally well adapted to most rooms in the house. The tub chair usually has a low back with deep padded seats for extra comfort. Depending on the upholstery finish, this chair can either sport a modern contemporary look or a more formal, traditional appearance.

accent sofa

Arm Chairs


Popular in most homes, the armchair is often the focal point of a living room and can be anything from a bold style statement, or a cosy chair for reading in or watching television. The style, fabric and size of your armchair should depend on your existing décor and where you intend to use it. The armchair doesn’t necessarily have to match the sofa or even blend in with the colour scheme – contrasting forms and colours can be exceptionally eye catching when the right balance is achieved.

Button Back High Leg Chairs

For additional elegance this chair, although slender, offers a grand presence with its high back and curved legs. Due to its streamline appearance, it fits neatly into most rooms in the home, providing both style and sophistication.

velvet chair

Top 30 Interior Design Blogs To Follow In 2017

Embarking on an interior decorating project can be both exciting and daunting at the same time. With the prolific amount of resources available online today, sifting through it all to find useful information is not only time consuming but also confusing. Many of us are left wondering where to begin and more often than not, with the feeling that this is a job better left to the professionals. However, with the right inspiration on your side, partaking in your own interior decorating project can be extremely fun and fulfilling.

We’ve carefully put together a list of blogs to help provide not only creative ideas and inspiration, but also tips on general living and how to incorporate your own personal style into home décor, providing a more balanced and happier living space.

Country & Town House

Country Town and House

This luxury magazine is predominately aimed at those that divide their time between town and country living, providing advice and inspiration on the latest trends and fashion in both rural and urban areas. Country & Town House also offers information on the latest events, and activities, travel tips and even a guide to independent schools.

Red Magazine

Red Magazine

Red Interior is a sub section of Red Magazine and an excellent resource, providing creative ideas on decoration and furniture arrangement, what to buy for your home and places to see with awe-inspiring interior décor. Published by Hearst Magazine, Red Magazine has a highly talented team of interior designers and journalists.

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

This is one of the oldest and most well known interior design magazines. House Beautiful originated in New York City and was first published in the US back in 1896. It was launched in the UK back in the early 1950’s and has been thriving ever since under Hearst Magazine publishers. Choose from numerous articles on a range of topics to provide ideas and inspiration on how to create a stylish living space. This magazine covers it all. Topics range from home and interiors, lifestyle, the garden, shopping, seasonal changes and much more.

Ideal Home

Ideal Home

A complete all-rounder – Ideal Home is one of our favourites, offering its readers numerous original ideas on interior design for all the rooms and garden of your home. It also includes space and storage guides to help you utilise as much of your home as possible as well as shopping guides, project planning and practical ideas on space and flooring.

Country Living

Country Living

Aimed at those with their souls firmly rooted in the countryside, readers can celebrate all aspects of country life through the changing seasons. This UK lifestyle magazine not only provides an array of tips and suggestions on country home interiors, but also keeps readers up to date with the latest news on events, farming, arts & crafts, decorating and gardening.


Decor8 Blog

Launched back in 2004 by American author and stylist, Holly Becker. Decor8 was originally founded with the aim of reaching people with a passion for interior decorating. It consists of inspiring blogs on interior design, decorating tips, colour schemes, DIY advice and much more. Holly Becker has won numerous awards for her work and has hundreds of thousands of online followers.

Habitually Chic

Habitually Chic

Founder Heather Clawson, a talented interior designer who studied art history before moving over to interior design and fashion. Habitually Chic has featured in a number of world famous publications such as House Beautiful, Harpers Bazaar, The Huffington Post to name but a few, for providing ideas and inspirations on a wealth of different styles of interiors from all across the world.

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy

An excellent guide, founder Maxwell Ryan, an interior designer and life coach, launched Apartment Therapy back in 2001. The basic concept behind Apartment Therapy is through the use of blogs, reviews and useful information – readers are not only able to transform the interiors of their homes, but also improve their quality of life by learning and understanding the basic elements of a good home.

Lark & Linen

Lark and Linen

For tips and clever tricks in interesting interior design case studies, with lifestyle and shopping advice, check out Lark & Linen by Jacquelyn Clark. In her own words her aim is to provide readers with “with fresh and inspiring, uplifting content of all kinds five days a week, each and every week”.

Room Envy

Room Envy

This sub section of the ever successful Time Inc. (UK) Ltd Homes Network – Room Envy focuses on the latest seasonal colour schemes and interior arrangements. Providing innovative creativity with various different interiors from around the world accompanied by a blog.

Elle Decoration

Elle Decoration

For regular tips and inspiration on all aspects of your home décor and furniture, check out Elle Decoration. The letters from the Editor section is also well worth a read, providing interesting facts, information and creative ideas for around the home.

The Jungalow

The Jungalow

An extraordinary blog with a unique concept behind it, Justina Blakeney’s Jungalow has attracted more than 1.5 million online followers and there is good reason for this. Creative patterns, bold colours and plants characterise her bohemian design inspiration. Justina’s tips teach readers how to embrace their creative decorating skills, feel free and incorporate styles together for the Jungalow look. Author of The New Bohemians, the New York Times best seller, Justina Blakeney is an L.A. based designer inspiring followers right across the globe.

Design Milk

Design Milk

A must for daily advice on design, a US based site with various contributors posting regular blogs on a range of topics including interior design, architecture, art, travel, home travel and much more. Information is easily accessible, providing detailed case studies and useful advertisement links to relevant sites.

Coco Cozy

Coco Cozy

With her unique personal touch, Coco explores fascinating properties and provides inspiration for design, style and accessories. She also runs her own textiles and home accessories collection, all of which are designed by herself. Coco offers valuable advice for various different styles plus seasonal tips and ideas.

House and Garden

House and Garden

An all purpose interior design blog, Home and Garden was originally a US magazine that was first published in the UK in 1947. This inspiring interior design magazine’s success was largely due to Robert Harling (close friend of Ian Flemming – author of James Bond). Harling worked with the principles of contrast – the old and the new, simplicity and vibrant colours. Their blogs feature a variety of topics from home interior ideas to food & recipes, garden and travel.

Home & Interiors Scotland

Homes and Interiors Scotland

As the name suggests – dedicated to good design in Scotland. Home & Interiors Scotland is available to buy or order as a printed copy, or alternatively it can be read online. Case studies on individual properties and their interiors are designed to provide readers with inspiration and creativity as well as practical tips on what to buy and where.

Sleeper Global Hotel Design

Sleeper Global Hotel Design
An inspirational publication providing unrivalled coverage of current hotel design, development and architectural projects. The well presented portfolio allows its followers to keep up with the latest trends and new features right across the globe as well as offering numerous creative ideas.

Style By Emily Henderson

Style by Emily Henderson

Emily Henderson runs this successful and exciting website providing tips on interior design, travel, styling and more. Emily herself is a TV host, author and stylist, with an exceptional array of experience under her belt. The Emily Henderson website provides creative and engaging content with something for everyone.

Miss Moss

Miss Moss

Founded by South African blogger and designer Diana Moss, who shares her love of art, interior, vintage and photography on her inspirational website Miss Moss. Diana has numerous followers due to her outstanding and refreshing ideas published from her home in the city of Cape Town.

Happy Interior Blog

Happy Interior Blog

This international blog on interior design discusses exactly what its name would suggest – bringing more happiness into the home using successful interior decorating. Founder Igor Josifovic shares his passion for interior decorating, styling, plants, travel and a generally healthy lifestyle with readers – increasing our awareness that the space we live in is not a simple one and should reflect our inner identity, ultimately resulting in our own contentment. Igor provides useful tips and ideas on how to go about this process.

Alexander James Interior Design

Alexander James Interior Design
Winner of the 2015-16 UK Property Awards & Interior Design, The Alexander James Interior Design Group not only provide interior and architectural design services to property developers, private clients and hotel groups, they also offer a blog presenting valuable ideas and beautiful interior inspiration for both residences and commercial properties alike.

The Style Files

The Style Files

Every country in the world offers its own unique style when it comes to interiors. The Style Files works on the concept of exploring numerous styles for inspirational finds. Dutch founder Danielle de Lange provides creative ideas from all over the world, combining them into a European viewpoint. Danielle’s blog shares her unique finds and ideas as well as aiming to teach readers that the home should reflect personal style by the integration of personal objects and art. A must read for those hoping to find their inner creative side.

Architectural Digest

Architectural Digest

An excellent reference site sharing creative ideas on international design, fascinating homes as well as art and cultural events, practical tips on decorating and renovation from all over the world and features from the archives of the monthly Architectural Digest magazine. It also offers advice on a wide range of other aspects of home living including shopping, cleaning and maintenance, lifestyle tips.

Hunted Interior

Hunted Interior

Founded by previous International Hotel Designer Kristin Jackson. She has created this blog to provide diverse ideas and inspiration on how to transform any size space into luxurious living by layering the space correctly together.

The Beat That My Heart Skipped

The Beat That My Heart Skipped

A highly successful design blog, The Beat That My Heart Skipped is run by Rohini Wahi, a talented freelance journalist and trend setter of creative interiors. Rohini spends her time writing about stylish homes and travelling the world for further inspiration – allowing her to offer a wealth of knowledge on global design to all of her followers.

The Cheshire Magazine

The Cheshire Magazine

A luxury lifestyle publication offering high quality content on property interiors, case studies, tips on home improvement, as well as other general news on people, style, travel and food & drink. We love Cheshire Magazine for its wonderful portfolios on both local and international home interiors.

Interior Design.Net

Interior design net

A global industry-leading design publication published by Sandow. The basic concept is to connect the wide range of platforms of the interior design industry with other professionals in the design audience, as well as members of the general public. An excellent source of ideas and links to useful organisations, this is a definite go-to for relevant and creative inspiration.



The underlying principal of HomeWings is to make interior design fun and accessible to the wider market. Making your interior work for you and creating wellbeing in the home. The site provides interactive features such as its “style quiz”. Participants complete a series of questions regarding style choices, the results calculate which overall style they lean towards and present the reader with the option of an appropriate designer to take on their project.

Design Sponge

Design Sponge

An exceptional design blog run by Grace Bonney, Design Sponge was launched back in 2004 and has been hugely successful ever since, and with over 1 million readers per day across social media platforms, it is easy to see why. The exceptional talent of the whole team at Design Sponge provides numerous case studies on a variety of interiors in different locations across the US, offering valuable tips and ideas on interior design. Design Sponge provides something for everyone!

Heart Home

Heart Home

A digital publication with a daily blog – both of its co-founders Carole King and Arianna Trapani are well qualified interior designers with a wealth of experience. This site breathes creative energy, offering a variety of fantastic advice and ideas on interiors, food & recipes, fashion and travel. Also great for tips on finding the latest trendy hangouts.

Interior Design Ideas for the Home – Spring 2017

bright spring interiors

Spring marks the end of the long, cold and dark winter months – it’s the time to say goodbye to those winter blues and enjoy the natural benefits of the sunlight and longer days. Spending more time outdoors means better physical and mental health; the vitamin D boost provided by the sunshine works wonders – helping keep bones, muscles and teeth healthy.

spring blossom

Spring Clean

Spring cleaning may sound like a bore, it really is the best time of year to give the house a thorough clean – ridding it of all the household allergens which often accumulate over winter such as dust, mould, dust mites and so forth. It also provides the opportunity to evaluate your layout as well as furniture and ornaments.


de-clutter your home

An orderly home is more likely to be a happy home –  it is no coincidence that those living in organised homes with minimal clutter are more likely to be physically fit and healthy. The onset of spring is a great time to banish all the winter clutter to the garage or the attic. This should include the winter decorations and accessories – throws, festive candles, hot water bottles, and of course the winter wardrobe of warm overcoats, long boots, hats, gloves, scarves etc. should all be packed away well out of sight, in order to allow the spring to enter the home. You will be surprised at how much space is freed up by removing all these things.

Redecorate for Spring

Spring is an excellent time of year to redecorate, not only are the longer days more motivating for such projects, the warmer air helps dry the paint more quickly. Fresh paint will bring a new lease of life to any home and if you don’t want to go for an all over decoration, try an accent wall.

redecorate for spring

Colour and Accessories

Nothing says spring as loudly as the colour yellow – well placed yellow accessories throughout the home are effective and inexpensive, such as seasonal yellow flowers, a bowel of lemons.

yellow bowl of fruit

Art or craft, or even furniture. The introduction of any bright colour will bring an entirely new look to your home, it doesn’t have to be yellow.

Brightly coloured vases, sofa cushions in bold textiles, upholstered feature chairs, throws, an accent wall or a new rug are all some of the ways in which colour can be brought into the home.

bedroom greens yellows

Bring The Outdoors Inside The Home

Seasonal flowers and foliage complement the home all year around, spring flowers are especially beautiful – daffodils, tulips, lilac, tree blossom, hyacinths, blue bells and iris are all synonymous with spring.

flowers home

If you don’t have the time to regularly change cut flowers, potted plants are longer lasting and just as effective.