what is aquaclean fabric

Aquaclean Fabric – Stain Resistant Fabric That’s Easy To Clean

A patented technology, Aquaclean allows stains to be easily removed from fabrics using only water. The Aquaclean system makes fabrics impermeable due to a barrier of an invisible molecular coating which covers every fibre, preventing dirt and spills from penetrating the fabric. Aquaclean not only acts as a liquid repellent but also enables stains to be easily transferred from the fabric to water to be removed.

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french style dining chairs

French Style Dining Chairs & Accessories for Your Dining Room

The French have always been leaders of fashion and style trends – dining room furniture is no exception. A chic and stylish celebration of the old and new which never goes out of fashion and is widely used right across the world. Dining chairs and tables inspired by French designs offer the beauty and elegance of traditional French furniture in both modern and traditional forms, adding a sophisticated edge to your dining room.

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how to choose dining chairs

How To Choose Dining Chairs for Your Home

The dining table is the main location for socialising in the home, from long lazy Sunday breakfasts to extended dinner parties, it is the place where family and friends unite together.

Traditionally dining tables and chairs were bought as matching sets. Today’s market however, is open to endless style combinations. Mix and match is by far more interesting, than the conventional matching set, but also involves more thought and consideration to put together.

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high-backed armchairs

High-Backed Armchairs Are Stunning Feature Chairs

A high-backed armchair makes a stunning feature piece with a commanding presence in any room. It works well as a standalone piece, complimenting the other furniture in your room without needing to match it. The height of the chair’s back offers comfort and support as well as a more secluded space to unwind in after a long day, making it a highly functional, yet distinguished piece.

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choosing the perfect breakfast bar chairs

Choosing The Perfect Breakfast Bar Chairs

The kitchen is more often than not the most heavily used room in the house, a place where everybody congregates and comes together.

Stylish, versatile and most of all functional, breakfast bars make a wonderful addition to any kitchen offering a compact and convenient solution for everyday life. Breakfast bar chairs are perhaps the most useful piece of furniture one could ever buy for their home.

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funky dining chairs

Funky Dining Chairs To Brighten Up Your Dining Room

Introducing colour into our interior décor makes our homes not only interesting but also beautiful, creating visual excitement and fun as well as impressing our guests. The dining room is a special place in any home, bringing family and friends together around the table to eat and socialise –  dining room décor should look fantastic as well as reflecting your hospitality and individual style.

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grey dining chairs

Grey Dining Chairs for a Sophisticated Dining Room

The dining room is a multi-functional space where we eat and entertain our friends and family, some of us even choose to work at our dining room tables – therefore dining room décor should be carefully considered in order to create the ideal ambient. Dining room furnishings such as chairs and tables are an important part of this.

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retro dining chairs

Retro Dining Chairs – Styles & Colour Schemes

The term retro came into use in the 1970s – it refers to pieces which reflect or imitate characteristics of a style or fashion from the recent past. Retro style furniture has become increasingly popular over the years. It can be an original piece which may have had some restoration, or it may be a modern-day reproduction of a style from the past.

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