Aquaclean Technology-  Stain Resistant Fabric That's Easy To Clean!


Aquaclean allows stains to be easily removed from fabrics using only water.

The Aquaclean system makes fabrics impermeable due to a barrier of an invisible molecular coating which covers every fibre, preventing dirt and spills from penetrating the fabric. Aquaclean not only acts as a liquid repellent but also enables stains to be easily transferred from the fabric to water to be removed.

What Type Of Stains Can Be Removed?

Virtually all types of stain can be removed from Aquaclean upholstery fabrics – including anything from mud, ink, fat, sauces, food, drinks such as wine or hot chocolate. Even shoe polish passed the Aquaclean test!

What About Old Stains?

Regardless of how long the stain has been left to set, Aquaclean technology allows the effective removal of stains at any time. Here is a how to video on how to remove a butter stain on Aquaclean Fabric! There are over 30 videos on how to remove the most common stains! Take a look!


Our Aquaclean Fabric Collections!

We've added 6 stunning Aquaclean Fabric collections to our site. Lana, Apex, Darwin, Belfast Kiko and Nappa. With a mixture of Weaves, Chenilles, Suede and wool effects, and with over 170 colour to choose from you'll be spolit for choice!

Take a look at the collections here, and when you see something that you like, just request your free swatch samples! If you can't decide, don't worry you can request up to 6 swatches at a time!


Read more about Aquaclean fabric on our blog.

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