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Weymss Fabrics, rooted in rich heritage, promises timeless luxury with diverse, high-quality
designs for versatile interior aesthetics.



Wemyss has been established for over 70 years and can trace its roots directly to the weaving mill established by the brothers George and James Johnston in East Wemyss, Scotland as far back as the 1860’s.

The Company

Today, Weymss Fabrics is recognized globally as a premier provider of luxury fabrics. It prides itself on its attention to detail, diverse designs, and extensive selection of colours and textures. Each collection is meticulously curated, keeping abreast of current trends while remaining timeless in style. Weymss Fabrics is especially known for its exquisite velvets and weaves, which have become a hallmark of the brand.

Jane churchill chair
Jane churchill chair

Why choose Weymss

Choosing Weymss Fabrics for your bar stools or dining chairs is a decision rooted in both aesthetic and practical considerations. The brand's broad range of designs and colours provides a multitude of options to suit any interior theme. Beyond the beauty, Weymss Fabrics are synonymous with durability and easy maintenance – perfect for high-traffic furniture like bar stools and dining chairs. With Weymss, you not only infuse your space with style and sophistication but also invest in long-lasting quality.

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