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Founded in 2010, Zinc Textile offers distinctive, luxurious, innovative textiles, blending fashion-forward
designs with the Romo Group's century-old craftsmanship.



Zinc Textile, a contemporary addition to the Romo Group, was introduced in 2010 to push the boundaries of traditional textile design and manufacturing. The Romo Group, a family-run business based in the UK, was originally established in 1902. Renowned for their dedication to creating high-quality, innovative, and distinctive fabrics and wallcoverings, they ventured into the development of Zinc Textile as an avant-garde branch of their operations. Zinc Textile's emergence marked a period in the Romo Group’s history where an emphasis was placed on modern, luxurious, and versatile textiles that cater to a more fashion-forward clientele.

What sets Zinc Textile apart from other fabric houses is its bold and spirited design philosophy. Unlike traditional fabric companies that often prioritize conservative and timeless aesthetics, Zinc Textile takes its inspiration from the vibrant and ever-changing world of fashion.

The Company

Originality and cutting-edge design are at the forefront of the Zinc Textile brand. Seductive, tactile and urban, Zinc takes its inspiration from the heady heights of 1970s style. Skilfully integrated collections in a predominantly monochromatic palette with accents of vibrant colour, Zinc presents a luxe, versatile fabric & wallcovering range with unexpected elements that ensures the collections are refreshingly different.

Jane churchill chair
Jane churchill chair

Why choose Zinc

Zinc Textile’s dynamic and versatile collection makes it an excellent choice for applications like dining chairs and bar stools. The brand's focus on luxurious quality and durability ensures that their fabrics can stand up to frequent use, a crucial factor for these kinds of furniture. Furthermore, Zinc's broad spectrum of design styles, from minimalist to opulent, caters to diverse aesthetic preferences, ensuring that you can find the perfect fabric for your décor. The unexpected details and textures of Zinc's fabrics can create a striking statement, giving everyday items like dining chairs and bar stools a designer touch, which can elevate the overall ambience of your living or dining space. The Zinc Textile collection is not just about fabric; it's about transforming simple furniture pieces into extraordinary design elements.

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