The Open Plan Revolution: Styling Your Kitchen/Dining Area for Modern Living


Pictured: Milano Bar Stool and Milano Dining Chair

Fabic: Macrosuede Ash

Have you ever visualised your kitchen not just as a place to cook, but also as a sleek, modern dining hotspot? It's more than just a design fantasy; it's about embracing the concept of open-plan living, a modern trend that's reshaping homes across the UK.

Do you know that open-plan living has taken the UK by storm?

According to a 2022 survey by Ideal Home, a whopping 67% of British homeowners are captivated by the appeal of open-plan spaces. It's not merely about staying in vogue. Open-plan living seamlessly blends sociability, fluidity, and versatility, creating multi-functional spaces that breathe life into our everyday routines.

What's more, UK's property market seems to agree. A study conducted by the Nationwide Building Society revealed that homes with open-plan configurations can potentially increase property value by up to 6%.

Rightmove's data substantiates the benefits of open plan living, revealing that homes with such layouts can sell up to 5% faster than their compartmentalised counterparts. More than that, properties with open plan configurations often attract more interest, translating into potentially higher selling prices.

Beyond monetary benefits, the real charm of open-plan living resides in its ability to create harmonious, connected spaces. Ready to breathe life into your space with open-plan living?

Our collection is here to make this transition seamless and stylish. Our designer bar stools aren't just about providing a place to perch; they're a manifestation of artful craftsmanship. Strategically placed at your kitchen island or breakfast bar, they can provide an informal dining space, a spot for the morning coffee, or a place for the kids to do their homework while dinner's cooking - truly encapsulating the multi-functional spirit of open-plan living.

And then, there's our range of upholstered dining chairs. Plush, warm, and inviting, they stand at the heart of your dining area. Whether it's a Sunday roast, a dinner party, or a casual weekday meal, these chairs aren't just seating; they're an integral part of the memories you create. Our extensive collection encompasses a variety of elements that can help transform your kitchen/dining area.

Vogue Home once eloquently stated:

"Open-plan living isn't just about space; it's about the life that thrives within it."

Picture your kitchen and dining area transforming into a shared canvas, where the aroma of your culinary creations and the laughter from your dinner parties weave together a vibrant tapestry of experiences. With your kitchen counter adorned with designer bar stools and your dining area graced with comfortable upholstered dining chairs, open-plan living truly turns a house into a vibrant, welcoming home.

Ready to turn your culinary adventures into social delights, right in the heart of your home? Let's make the open-plan living dream a reality, one stylish piece at a time. 


Pictured: Milano Dining Chair and Milano Petite Bar Stool

Fabric: Linwood Moleskin

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