British Elegance Reimagined: Interior Design Trends for Summer 2023


Pictured: Milano Bar
Fabric 1 - to seat and inside back colefax & fowler manuel canovas belinda rose 04834/03
Fabric 2 - to outside back - Manuel Canovas Cezaire Cezaire Rose M4022-04 1m Fabric 3 Piping only Romo Linara Emerald

Say 'cheerio' to the predictable and 'hello' to a season of surprise!

The summer of 2023 is about to hit the UK's interior design scene with a splash of unexpected twists, with your kitchen and dining room at the heart of the revolution.

Picture yourself sinking into a luxuriously upholstered dining chair, the plush fabric a feast for your senses, as you sip on a cooling summer cocktail. You're not in an upscale bistro but in your own home, with the latest wave of British design trends bringing the concept of luxury into your personal space.

But it's not all about grandeur. Minimalistic designs are also part of this trend, appealing to those who prefer a touch of understated luxury. The play of sleek wooden lines, bold forms, and subtle colours presents a modern and clean look, which aligns perfectly with contemporary British aesthetics.

Luxury bar stools and dining chairs aren't just transforming the look and feel of our spaces; they are also changing how we interact with them.

The kitchen/diner isn't just for cooking anymore; it's now a place to gather, entertain, and enjoy, much like an upscale bistro.

We've compiled our favourite pieces from summer 2023, showcasing designer dining chairs and luxury bar stools that epitomize this season's hottest trends. Scroll through the collection below.

This collection presents bespoke creations by The Chair People showcasing leading British fabric houses, including Harlequin, Designers Guild, Romo and Weymss to name a few. Harlequin brings an exciting palette of audacious colours and dynamic patterns, perfect for those craving a splash of daring in their dining room. Designers Guild, ever the pioneers, introduce a fresh perspective on fabric design, mixing modern elegance with playful patterns. Romo, championing classic sophistication, contributes dining chairs in subtle hues and timeless patterns, making them enduring pieces in your home. Moreover, Wemyss, known for their exceptional quality and design, brings a sense of refined luxury, offering textiles that pair beautifully with any colour or pattern trend this summer.

Now, let's talk wood finishes. The 2023 trend is gravitating towards the natural and authentic. Expect to see a revival of dark wood finishes, exuding a sense of luxury and drama. The timeless charm of walnut, in particular, is becoming a favourite. Lighter wood finishes, such as ash and oak, are also trending, especially in designs seeking a more Scandinavian, minimalistic vibe. These finishes maintain the texture and grain of the wood, adding a sense of warmth and organic appeal to your interiors.

As for the trends in colour and pattern, think bold and think unexpected. Vibrant, earthy hues such as burnt orange and forest green are making a splash, often complemented by rich patterns inspired by nature. Monochromatic designs are also taking a sophisticated turn, with patterns using varying shades of a single colour, adding depth and intrigue to any space.

And the best part? You can seamlessly integrate these pieces into your own dining room or home bar. With just a click, you can transform your space into a living testament to British design prowess, a space that exudes luxury and reflects the trends of Summer 2023.

Allow your home to be a canvas, showcasing the innovative use of colour and patterns that mark this season's trend. After all, your dining room and kitchen deserve to be as stylish and unique as you are.

Keep an eye out for more inspiration and remember, in the world of design, fortune favours the bold.


Pictured: Milano Dining Chair

Fabric: Warwick Laureate Hughes Juniper

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