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We offer a world of choice when it comes to fabric; all of our dining chair and bar stool models are designed and crafted to order.

They are truly bespoke and tailored to your home, lifestyle, style, and vision, making the design as unique as you are.
We offer the most exquisite, beautiful, and finest quality materials for all of our models, from sumptuous velvets to durable weaves,
luxurious leathers and timeless linens.

Fabrics have personality, and at The Chair People, our virtually endless array of upholstery choices will allow you to bring to
life a piece that will breathe character into your home for years to come.

Browse our catalogue of fabrics here, learn the stories of the prestigious fabric houses we work
with, and request your fabric samples online today.


Abraham Moon

Abraham Moon has a fascinating history, with its roots in apparel, founded in 1837. They are one of the last remaining vertical woollen mills in Great Britain, with an unrivalled reputation for consistent quality and innovative design. 

Guiseley, Yorkshire is home to their fully vertical mill, which creates all of their luxury woollen upholsteries. They control all production processes in-house, dyeing and blending raw wool fibres, spinning the melange yarns, warping, weaving and finishing the fabrics. 

colefax and fowler

Colefax & Fowler

Renowned for their classic English appeal, Colefax and Fowler fabrics have an elegance and subtlety admired worldwide. Their fabrics tell a story through delicate florals, classic stripes, and a quintessentially British style. Their own tale dates back to 1930, through a rich history, revealing collections featuring signature trailing florals, classic stripes, and delicate botanicals. 

Colefax and Fowler fabrics embrace The Chair People models with a dreamy elegance, creating a chair design offering a nuanced country charm to any cottage, castle, or city centre home alike. The Colefax and Fowler brand also includes collections from other studios, with a uniformed quality and beauty throughout.



Inspired colour stories, boldly expressive pattern creations and luxurious production techniques - Harlequin. Imagined as a vehicle for self-expression through creative design, pushing personal boundaries along with those of the interior design industry.

From feature backwraps on dining chairs or bar stools, to colour pop buttons and piping; Harlequin are a go to for all things bold. Harlequin create empowering statement-schemes that own the room.



Romo is renowned for its assorted library of classic and contemporary designs, as well as versatile plains, offering a diverse style and timeless elegance enriched with a sophisticated colour palette.

Generations of experience and distinctive British design are the foundation of the Romo brand. Since establishing its own in-house design studio in the 1980s, Romo’s growth has continued seeing them now hailed as a market leader in designer fabrics.


GP & J Baker

Today, GP & J Baker continues to grow its reputation as one of the world’s innovators of fabric design with showrooms in Chelsea Harbour’s Design Centre and Paris’ rue de Mail showcasing their luxury fabrics from GP & J Baker and its related brands. GP & J Baker has been the proud holder of Her Majesty The Queen’s Royal Warrant since 1982 in recognition of the supply of GP & J Baker fabrics and wallcoverings to the Royal household. 

GP & J Baker have the world’s largest privately owned textile archive, consisting of a spectacular range of documents which provide inspiration for the design studio and their stunning fabrics. GP & J Baker boast an incredible array of diverse collections, with patterns rich in heritage, textures of pure luxury and an immeasurable colour palette.


Designers Guild

Founded in 1970 by Tricia Guild, Designers Guild have gone from strength to strength and now have almost 9,000 fabric designs in their core collection. Fall head-over-heels for large-scale floral fabrics which add a touch of country class, opt for soft linens or cotton velvets in a vast array of tones or regatta stripes in punchy shades for an updated nautical feel.

Renowned for their dramatic and multi-tonal designs, Designers Guilds collection spans from on trend styles, ahead of their time, to timeless classics lasting a lifetime. No matter what style you choose, a Designers Guild chair or stool is guaranteed to be a talking point in your home.


Clarke & Clarke

Clarke & Clarke designs have been embraced by the global interior community, boasting a presence in over 90 countries and attracting some of the world's leading premium brands, designers, and boutiques. Their fabric lines comprise a wide variety of patterns, textures, and styles, ranging from classic and traditional to modern and contemporary.



Founded in 1976, Dedar is a family-run fabric house that expresses a personal style with its cutting-edge contemporary collections.

Located close to Como, in the heart of a manufacturing district, Dedar experiments and innovates to attain product perfection through an ongoing dialogue with those craftsmen and textile specialists who are most familiar with the techniques employed in the production of excellent fabrics. Characterized by seductive colour palettes and unexpected patterns, Dedar’s fabrics combine precious yarns with research into fiber technology to offer various solutions for curtains, upholstery and wall covering of timeless elegance



Crest Leather

Crest Leather is a leading global producer of high quality finished leather, mainly for upholstery, for end-use in the residential, contract, hospitality, and design sectors. The Crest Leather Group is headquartered in London, UK. They own and operate tanneries in Italy and Brazil, with further warehouse and distribution facilities in the UK, USA & South Africa.

Crest Leather manages and oversees the entire production process from purchasing the raw hide right through to the delivery of finished leather to their customers.


Art Of The Loom

Art of the Loom was reborn out of a need to dedicate a brand to pure, natural fibre fabrics and this ethical voyage of discovery has enabled us to really make a difference to the UK textile manufacturing and finishing industry.

Excelling in creating bold and sumptuous British fabrics that embody a unique blend of tradition and modernity, Each fabric is crafted with meticulous attention to detail, showcasing rich textures and vibrant colours that encapsulate the essence of British style.




Linwood is a prominent British family-run business in the textile industry, known for its commitment to design and quality. Established in 1994, the company began its journey with a vision to create a brand that offers beautiful, inspiring, and remarkable fabrics and wallpapers. Over the years, Linwood has carved out a niche for itself, gaining recognition for its collections that encompass both classic and contemporary designs. The brand's design team draws inspiration from textile archives, art history, and nature to produce unique and visually striking fabrics.


Jane Churchill

Jane Churchill Fabrics is a leading name in the textile industry, known for its design-forward and exceptional quality products. Operating under the broader umbrella of the renowned Colefax Group, the company has built a reputation for producing a diverse range of fabrics that effortlessly blend traditional aesthetics with contemporary design elements. From a charming assortment of floral prints to sophisticated neutrals and vibrant patterns, the Jane Churchill fabric range offers an array of options for all design sensibilities.



Warwick Fabrics UK, a renowned subsidiary of the international brand Warwick Fabrics, operates as a premier wholesaler of premium upholstery fabrics, furniture textiles, and accessories in the United Kingdom. A flagship in the fabric industry, the company's legacy stems from its commitment to providing quality, style, and a vast range of options for domestic and commercial use. With a catalogue reflecting global design trends, it sources fabrics from around the world, ensuring a continually fresh and innovative selection



Zoffany is a renowned British brand, part of the Sanderson design group, established in the early 1980s. Zoffany has since built a reputation as one of the leading providers of high-quality wallpapers, fabrics, and paints. Each collection of Zoffany draws from historical references but is executed in a way that aligns with modern-day trends. These unique design elements have made Zoffany a beloved brand among professionals in the interior design world.



Wemyss has been established for over 70 years and can trace its roots directly to the weaving mill established by the brothers George and James Johnston in East Wemyss, Scotland as far back as the 1860’s.

Today, Weymss Fabrics is recognized globally as a premier provider of luxury fabrics. It prides itself on its attention to detail, diverse designs, and extensive selection of colours and textures.



Zinc Textile, a contemporary addition to the Romo Group, was introduced in 2010 to push the boundaries of traditional textile design and manufacturing. The Romo Group, a family-run business based in the UK, was originally established in 1902. Renowned for their dedication to creating high-quality, innovative, and distinctive fabrics and wallcoverings, they ventured into the development of Zinc Textile as an avant-garde branch of their operations. 



Founded by visionary entrepreneurs, Kobe Interior Fabrics has flourished into a renowned name in the world of luxury textiles. Established with a commitment to quality and innovation, the brand has evolved over the years while staying true to its core values. What began as a small textile workshop has transformed into a global fabric powerhouse, supplying exquisite fabrics to interior designers, architects, and furniture manufacturers worldwide

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