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What is an accent/occasional chair?

Accent chairs, or occasional chairs as they are also known as, are standalone pieces which serve to provide extra seating as well as creating a more welcoming atmosphere for any living room.
Acquiring an accent chair is a good way to introduce a new colour, texture or style reference – creating an inviting ambience for family and guests. They also compliment the room’s original décor by providing an interesting focal point in an often otherwise neutral palette. Accent chairs are multifunctional and can be used throughout the home as well as in the living room.

Not only the perfect partner to occasional chairs and sofas, footstools and occasional benches can be a great versatile item of furniture to add to a living room. A  fabulous opportunity to add texture, dimension and colour to a room. In recent years occasional footstools and benches have become a focus within interior design.

There are a few things to consider when choosing occasional chairs, stools and benches for your living room. An additional chair should serve to make the room appear inviting and uncluttered, your living room accent chair can be placed in a semi-circular arrangement to encourage socialising or to create a cosy corner, the ideal place to snuggle up with a good book.

Is the chair intended purely as a showpiece or is there an intended visitor in mind? If so, consider the height and build of the user. A slipper-style chair for example is an ideal choice for the petite, but awkward for taller people, whereas a wingback chair is suitable for taller visitors.

Our design advisor is on hand with complimentary design advice and will help you choose the perfect pieces to work within your space.

Types of Accent Chairs

Wingback Chair

A timeless classic, with its origins dating as far back as the 1600s, the wingback was originally designed for ladies to lounge in near the fireplace, the winged sides served to protect from the intense heat of the fireplace whilst sheltering from any drafts. This chair adds a distinguished design to any home and is popular right across the globe. Available in various different upholstery fabrics, the wing back can appear formal, traditional, bold or contemporary.

Slipper Chair

An armless chair, low slung chair – the slipper chair was originally designed to be used in the dressing rooms of wealthy ladies. At the time, it was fashionable for ladies to wear lavish dresses with comprised of multiple skirt layers, therefore having a low chair made it easier for ladies to put on their shoes or stockings. The design proved popular and attractive, the slipper chair is now a highly sought-after accent chair available in fresh and stylish models in a wide range of different upholstery options, to suit various interior decors. They are the ideal solution for smaller spaces, tucking easily into neat corners, or can be a showcased centre piece, making a stylish and streamlined feature.

Arm Chair

Arm chairs or carver chairs offer attractive and practical seating, providing a stunning feature piece to impress both guests and home owners. The arm chair can be used as additional seating, a favourite corner chair to curl up in with a book or watch the television.

Tub Chair

The tub chair is similar in style to the club chair, which originated in France and was associated with gentlemen’s clubs – hence the name. Stylish and fashionable, the tub chair is compact and full of character, adding depth to the room as well as offering the ideal place to relax and unwind in. The compact 2-seater chair also makes an eye catching accent chair. Add a distinguished design to your home with our range of accent chairs.

Occasional Sofas

Adaptable to different occasions, an occasional sofa provides comfort as well as style. Sometimes referred to as  a snuggle seat the two-seater occasional sofas are large enough for two or more than roomy enough for one to relax in comfort and style.