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Luxury Occasional Chairs

Occasional chairs, often known as statement or accent chairs, are designed to be a stand-alone feature in any room.

A room refresh is always so lovely, rearranging the furniture or touching up with a fresh coat of paint. Sometimes, this doesn’t quite feel enough, but you’re not sure what’s missing. Enter: a luxury occasional chair.

n occasional chair provides the opportunity to change the character of a room without altering the existing decor, a more economical solution to complete redecoration. It is an addition that can provide an inviting place to perch at your dressing table, sit and get work done, enhancing your room’s functionality or a cosy spot to read a book. Plus, from sleek armless statement chairs to plush sink-in tub chairs, a new bespoke chair can totally change the vibe of your room.

Occasional chairs are standalone pieces which serve to provide extra seating as well as creating a more welcoming atmosphere for any living room.

Acquiring an occasional chair is a good way to introduce a new colour, texture or style reference – creating an inviting ambience for family and guests. They also compliment the room’s original décor by providing an interesting focal point in an often otherwise neutral palette. Occasional chairs are multifunctional and can be used throughout the home in rooms such as the study, dressing room and bedrooms, as well as in the living room.


Bedroom Occasional Chairs

The popularity of bedroom occasional chairs is increasing, look closely in any stylish bedroom, and there will be a chair. A bedroom chair can be somewhat reminiscent of a boutique hotel. We have a broad collection of occasional chairs suitable for all room layouts, ranging from smaller models, which economise on space, and larger two-seater accent chairs, which provide the opportunity to create a private seating area. A popular choice of bedroom chair is our Rocco Arm, such a versatile shape which looks dreamy in almost any fabric combination. Bedroom chairs also have the advantage of being less heavily used than living room chairs, allowing you to opt for more lavish and lighter-coloured fabric, the ideal location for your dream feature chair.

Bespoke Occasional Chairs - Design Your Own

Be the designer of your perfect occasional chair, which complements your interior style, personality and brings the wow-factor to the room. Consider how you will use the chair, be it at your dressing table or to relax with a pet, opt for a model which reflects its purpose, such as sleek and contemporary or plush and inviting. Opt for textures and tones that work with your decor, match the leg finish to existing furniture, and allow the chair to introduce pattern or a colour pop to your space. From modern occasional chair models and on-trend shades to traditional shapes and classic upholstery, comfort is uniform throughout our designs.