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When it comes to creating an inviting and functional space in your home, selecting the right furniture is crucial. Bar stools are no exception,
and choosing the correct height can make a significant difference in both comfort and aesthetics.

The Bespoke Approach

At The Chair People, we offer a range of bar stool heights to suit your needs, starting with our standard 700mm seat height. If measuring your space for your dream chairs feels like a challenge, we've compiled some helpful tips on how to find the perfect bar stools for your area.

Bar Stool - Kitchen
Bar Stool - Studio

The Chair People's Standard Height

Our standard bar stool height of 700mm is a versatile choice that works well with most kitchen islands and breakfast bar counters. This height allows for comfortable seating while still providing ample legroom beneath the counter. It's a popular choice for its balance of functionality and style, making it suitable for a wide range of home decor styles.

Crafted Considering Your Needs And Preferences

To cater to your specific needs and preferences, we offer additional bar stool seat heights at an extra charge. These include 650mm for when you want that extra leg space or have a particularly thick worktop, but also 750mm and 800mm seat heights which are suitable for a Home Bar.

It's crucial to understand that adjusting these measurements naturally alters the overall stool height. However, the seat-to-footrest height remains consistent throughout this adjustment process. This ensures that you can tailor the bar stools to different counter heights and achieve an ideal fit for your specific space.


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Choosing the Right Bar Stool Height

Selecting the right bar stool height is crucial to ensure comfort and functionality in your home. Here are some factors to consider when making your decision:

  1. Counter/Worktop Height: Measure the height of your kitchen island or bar counter. Ideally, there should be around 200mm of space between the seat of the stool and the underside of the counter for comfortable seating.
  2. Legroom: Ensure that there's enough legroom beneath the counter so that you and your guests can sit comfortably without feeling cramped.
  3. Aesthetics: Consider the overall look and style of your home. The bar stools should complement your existing decor and add to the visual appeal of the space.
  4. Usage: Think about how you plan to use the bar stools. Will they be primarily for casual dining, entertaining guests, or simply for decorative purposes?

Tailored To You And Your Home

Selecting the right bar stool height is crucial for creating a comfortable and visually appealing space in your home. The Chair People's range of bar stool heights, including the standard 700mm and customised options, allows you to find the perfect fit for your needs. By considering factors like counter height, legroom, aesthetics, usage, and personal comfort, you can make an informed decision that enhances your home's ambience and functionality.


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