What Makes A Fabric Stain Resistant?


Selecting stain-resistant materials is a smart choice when it comes to enhancing the durability and lifespan of your fabric chairs and stools. It's particularly beneficial if you have pets or children who might occasionally cause spills or messes. 

At The Chair People, we take your furniture's longevity seriously, and as part of our commitment to your satisfaction, after you’ve placed your order we provide a care guide direct from the fabric house. This guide contains valuable information on how to properly maintain and care for your chosen fabric. 

We strongly recommend following the cleaning procedures outlined in the fabric house's recommended instructions for optimal results.



When it comes to stain resistance, different levels of protection are available:

  1. Easy Clean: This level typically involves a stain guard applied to the top layer of the fabric. Spills and stains don't immediately penetrate the fabric but bead on the surface. This feature offers you extra time to address any accidents promptly, preserving the appearance of your furniture.
  2. Soil & Stain Repellent: Similar to Easy Clean, this protection involves a stain guard applied to the top layer of the fabric, preventing immediate absorption of spills. Stains bead on the surface, giving you additional time to treat and clean the fabric effectively.
  3. Fibreguard: This advanced level of protection is integrated within the fabric's fibre layers. It offers exceptional resilience against spills and common household stains, often requiring just water for removal. With Fibreguard, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your furniture can withstand the rigours of everyday life while looking its best.
  4. Aquaclean Fabric: Similar to Fibreguard, Aquaclean Fabric incorporates stain-resistant properties within the fabric's fibre layers. Spills and household stains can be effortlessly removed, usually with just water. This feature ensures your furniture remains in pristine condition, even in the face of everyday wear and tear.
  5. Bleachable & MRSA Resistant: This level of protection provides enhanced resistance against tough stains and offers MRSA resistance, making it an excellent choice for environments where cleanliness and hygiene are top priorities.
  6. Denim Dye Resistant: Specifically designed to combat stubborn stains such as ink, denim dye, red wine, and more, Denim Dye Resistant solutions offer robust stain resistance, ensuring your fabric stays looking its best, even in challenging situations.


By choosing the appropriate level of stain resistance for your fabric chairs and stools, you can enjoy not only the aesthetic appeal but also the practicality and ease of maintenance that come with our carefully selected materials.

Take a look at our stain-resistant fabrics here.